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In this video, Dr. Mohamed Saccoh discusses the full mouth restoration process for someone who suffers from long-term teeth grinding. First, the patient needs an appropriate diagnosis. Then, we will likely recommend an orthotic before completing the full mouth restoration.

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Full mouth restoration is where somebody has to do almost every tooth in the mouth. And it could be because of somebody has a bad bite, significantly bad bite. But it could be maybe through the years, I mean they grind their teeth and they're worn down. Or it could be because maybe for one reason or the other the teeth are broken, they're damaged and they all have to be restored. So anytime you have to restore all the teeth in the mouth because it's a full mouth, so we call it a full mouth restoration. Our treatment process for full mouth restoration, for us, means with anything, it requires the appropriate diagnosis. That's what the person needs. And sometimes it involves, like, opening their bite if they grind their teeth down. And if that's the case, in our case, we want to make an orthotic. I mean there are different ways that you can get to that. First, you want to, for us, we'll open the bite where we use different technologies some electrodes wherein we'll determine where the muscles are comfortable. And with my training, the muscles dictate where the teeth are going to be. So if the muscles are comfortable and we build a bite there and we'll make an orthotic. An orthotic is a temporary prosthesis wherein the patient will go with it and function with it. And, one, we want to make sure before we touch a patient's teeth that wearing that orthotic they're going to be comfortable, they're going to be able to function. And if they can function with that, only then do we go in and start changing the patient's teeth. But now, we know by getting them in that new position that they will be able to tolerate it. That their muscles are comfortable in that position. And then, at that point, it's very predictable once we go and complete the full mouth restoration for the patient.

Dr. Mohamed Saccoh

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